About Me

Greetings Sis! I'm Aliyah Kamala, ND, Wellness Coach & fitness enthusiast who loves to use yoga as a tool for mind/body healing. I've been practicing yoga for over 19 years & am certified in both Hatha & Kemetic yoga styles.

In my classes, I infuse the importance of proper breathing, meditation, & alignment to promote well-being. I'm a Reiki Master, CEO of Om Naturals healthy beauty brand & best-selling author of Life Is a Gift: How to Use Affirmations to Transform Your Life. I hold a Doctorate of Naturopathy from Trinity College of Natural Health & specializes in women's health, herbal medicine & nutrition.

I like to infuse fitness into my work by offering a variety of weekly classes which include yoga, African Dance, & Zumba.  More importantly, I'm a dedicated wife & mom of 3 who is committed to my mission of teaching women how to live their best lives through health & wellness!

Cheers to your heath!

Aliyah Kamala